I feel like you can get away with texting anybody anything as long as you put a smiley face or a winkie face and maybe a “LOL” at the end of the sentence.

Example: “I’m coming over to your house to murder you with an axe ;) LOL” 

I’m sure other people have thought of this too but…

I’ve been thinking since the 50 year anniversary special that since the Tom Baker cameo implies the Doctor can re-re-generate into his previous appearances/ personas this opens the door for all kinds of things.  I don’t they would ever do this, but I think it’s be amazing if the Doctor re-re-generated into Paul McGann’s Doctor and gave him at least a series or two.  I hated the TV movie, but McGann was absolutely phenomenal as the Doctor in that Night of the Doctor webisode.  


Lon Chaney Jr. and Elena Verdugo behind the scenes House Of Frankenstein (1944), via universalhorror.

Dita Von Teese by Bob Carlos Clarke

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"Don’t you ever devalue what you do, Mary. You make sure they deserve it, and don’t waste a minute of your time thinking about them after you’re done."

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